Environmental Sustainability

Looking after people and the planet is everyone's business. That's why we're taking steps to help conserve
 natural resources and support health and wellbeing – now and in the future. Here's how we aim to do it.


Increase Energy Efficiency

We are creating an energy efficient office, as well as helping our members run more efficiently too. This includes working with our partners to implement energy efficient measures throughout our supply chain and deliveries.



Create Zero Waste

No waste going to landfill. That's our aim. To get there, we'll reduce waste from our supply chain, streamline deliveries to customers, use recycled materials wherever possible, and cut down the waste on our sites and our partners'.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

We work with ClimatePartner to measure and record the carbon footprint of our head office and member sites. We use this information to plan the next steps to reduce or offset our emissions. Including cutting carbon from deliveries and our supply chain.


Source and Supply Sustainable Products

We aim to provide products that are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. To get there, we're sourcing products from safe and reliable suppliers. And working with our customers to ensure we meet their needs when switching to more sustainable solutions.

Social Sustainability

We understand that our company and the way we operate can affect local communities. Here’s how we aim to make a more positive impact on people and the place s they live and work.

Support Local Communities

As a national company made up of local businesses, we look to support local communities across the whole of the UK and Ireland. Just a few ways in which we achieve this is by charity donations, giving free supplies to shelters and sponsoring numerous great causes across the country. We also partner with our customers to help support their local communities.


Improve Employee Health and Wellbeing

Our people make our business a success. To look after all our employees, we're running several initiatives. They include working with a third-party discount scheme that helps maintain and boost the mental and physical wellbeing of all our staff.


Protect Human Rights

We collaborate with our suppliers to safeguard against modern slavery, drive diversity and monitor working conditions through our supply chain. We also work to keep our own policies and practices up to date. We’re also an accredited Real Living Wage employer. That means we update our pay policy in step with the cost of living.


Support Customers With Impact

Our customers have environmental and social responsibilities too. That's why we offer training for their staff, help them operate a safe and sustainable supply chain and support their initiatives with local communities.